24 Hour Rule & Parent Code of Conduct

Stony Mountain Minor Hockey

24-Hour Rule

Stony Mountain Minor Hockey (SMMH) is committed to providing a positive learning environment where all individuals are treated with respect. Being a member of this association should be a positive, rewarding, and beneficial experience for all - players, coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers.

To ensure that all members of our association are treated fairly and with respect, we encourage everyone to communicate in a positive manner and to follow certain guidelines when discussing issues about practices and games. SMMH fully endorses our Codes of Conduct, and encourages all members to follow proper procedures when dealing with sensitive issues.

We understand that hockey can be an emotional sport for many and we want to ensure that our players and members interact in a fair and safe environment. Unfortunately, there have been some incidents when members have acted in a negative and less than professional manner.

As a result, SMMH adopted the following:

24-Hour Rule

Unless there is an immediate safety issue, parents/guardians of players must wait 24 hours prior to contacting the team’s manager following the game or practice of incident related to their child. The 24-hour period is a time to logically assess the situation and afford a "cooling off" time for all parties so things can be discussed in a calm, unemotional manner and not "in the heat of the moment".

Failure to abide by this guideline will result in the following penalties (on a per season basis):

· 1st offense - Verbal and written warning to the individual(s) in question.

· 2nd offense - Removal from all SMMH activities for two weeks. That means that the individual(s) in question cannot be at practices, games, or any other events.

Further offenses will be reviewed and assessed by the Disciplinary Committee, as defined in our By-Laws, and dealt with at the discretion of SMMH.

Parent Code of Conduct Policy

As a Hockey parent, I will:

  • Exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitude at all times when representing my child and the Association.

  • Respect and adhere to the ideals, policies, and rules determined by Hockey Canada, Manitoba Hockey, Stony Mountain Minor Hockey (SMMH) and my child’s team.

  • Encourage my child to attend as many games and practices as reasonably possible in a timely manner. Notify the coach/manager ahead of time of absences.

  • Gain an understanding of the SMMH 24-Hour Rule to deal with team complaints and adhere to it.

  • Refrain from posting any defamatory or negative comments on social media regarding any event, person or incident related to SMMH.

  • Refrain from yelling at or threatening referees, opposing players or coaches before, during, or after games or practices.

  • Refrain from approaching the bench during a game situation unless summoned by a coach.

Please note: If any complaints of inappropriate behaviour are received, serious infractions may be brought to a disciplinary committee for review as per the SMMH constitution.